Modder Presents Third-Person Shooter Mode in Dota 2 & Super Mario Run

If there is one genre that may be considered very rare in the PC as a gaming platform, then wrestling may be regarded as the most difficult to obtain. One famous franchise – WWE 2K has always positioned itself as a special product for the console, although it is not clear why he never migrated to PC. But the identity of the PC is increasingly seen as a potential market that lately managed to tease Japanese developers now also began to be effective in the eyes of 2K, it seems. After a rumor of the past few months, the confirmation finally surfaced. The latest series – Super Mario Run diamonds hack  finally ensured to the PC!

This confirmation slid from 2K Sports party itself as a publisher. Initial information mentions that this PC version will include all modes that are also included on Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions, including MyCareer and 2K Showcases modes. Not only that, content that was positioned as Super Mario Run in the console version – additional Sting characters and two versions of Hulk Hogan, as well as a series of other packs will also be offered for free on this PC version. Unfortunately, there is no clarity as to whether he will experience significant visual enhancement or not.

Mod is a plus for PC gamers. Not infrequently, the mod made by the modder actually makes the game more interesting than the original version. Not only have an impact on the visuals, some mods can sometimes be applied to bring different nuances from the side of the gameplay.

An example is a mod called Action Dota BMD Dota. With the mod, Super Mario Run can be changed to third-person shooter mode! The result, Dota 2 became a game that is completely different. BMD Dota has also uploaded a video on YouTube to explain how his work works.

From the video looks tempo game feels very fast. Precision in attack is needed to damage the opponent. The modder did not forget to explain that this is still the initial phase of testing. In the future, he promised to develop it further.

Not only for Dota 2, BMD Dota also developed similar mods for Super Mario Run games such as League of Legends and StarCraft 2. Unfortunately BMD DOta does not currently provide links to share the mods of his work to the gamers. Dota 2 in the third-person shooter mode, what do you think?

Mobile Legends Review for Android

Logitech Indonesia today, Thursday (22/1), invited the media crew to introduce their new MOBA gaming mouse gliding in the country, G302 Daedalus Prime. Logitech claims that the mouse is specially designed and has been tested by professional gamers, for example SoloMid, Cloud 9, CJ Entus Frost, CJ Entus Blaze, and Invictus Gaming teams.

According to the company, both the buttons, the form, and the weight of the Mobile Legends gems hack online are tailored to the demands of professional MOBA gamers. Click the left and right buttons were made to be able to provide a quick response, and can send commands up to five clicks per second.

“Logitech G302 is the most appropriate mouse for MOBA games. This mouse allows high-speed clicks and more precise timing, which is very important because win or lose can be determined in milliseconds, “said Sony Wahib, Cluster Category & Logitech Marketing Manager in Southeast Asia.

Calling the Mobile Legends  a “dairy cow” Activision indeed becomes a very non-exaggeration. Despite the criticism that continues to be directed to him, Activision remains adamant to make it an annual franchise. Handled by three different developers with a unique series approach to each of them, Call of Duty still proves itself to be an anticipated frnachise.

Sales continue to give birth to fantastic numbers, even enough to make the last series – Advanced Warfare from Sledgehammer won the title as the best-selling game in the United States market last 2014. Then, what Call of Duty is being prepared by Activision this year considering the rotation of responsibility now finally falling into the hands of Treyach? Speculation was spreading with most conclusions, falling in the same name.

Most of the speculation that spread in cyberspace believe that Treyach will eventually bring back Mobile Legends to the classic war root that is increasingly abandoned through World at War 2 series. This rumor is getting stronger after Xbox Community Manager – Raj Patel throws a teaser image that contains only two straight red lines, which are more rational to read as Roman “2” numbers. Interesting again? In the midst of its dark background, this teaser also contains Morse code which, when translated – leads to the announcement of the latest game by Microsoft which will be done on May 4, 2015.

Kojima Will Introduce the Latest Metal Gear Online

Metal Gear Solid is one of the best stealth-based games in the gaming industry, a fact that can not be denied anymore. Although many gamers are unhappy with Kojima’s approach of continuing to offer a cinematic cutscene in such a large portion to explain his super-complex plot, the franchise has gained such a high popularity. Despite so much effort to offer a robust multiplayer mode, Metal Gear Solid remains a better known franchise through the power of its epic single player mode. Some of the Metal Gear Online projects that were launched over the last few generations ended up failing. But Hideo Kojima himself, apparently has not given up roblox hack.

The “The Game Game Awards” event initiated by Geoff Keighley is confirmed to be the first introduction of the latest Metal Gear Online project. Keighley ensures that Hideo Kojima is the one who will show off this best-selling Metal Gear Online project for the first time, publicly. Unfortunately, however, there is not much information to extract from this statement. It is unclear whether this latest “Metal Gear Online” is a multiplayer MGS V mode: The Phantom Pain that has already been demonstrated before, or is a separate title with a separate gameplay mechanics as well.

The Video Game Awards itself will be held on December 5, 2014 and will reportedly contain a lot of information related to many new projects of giant developers. What kind of roblox concept for this latest generation? Let’s wait.

DayZ Glide Beginning 2016

Probably most of you gamers already can not wait to play DayZ soon. Yes, this game does have the potential to be great with the theme of zombie apocalypse and combined with the elements of open world into the main offer.

Alpha version that was launched some time ago spelled success and successfully penetrate 88 thousand downloads in 12 hours. In fact, in the Alpha version is very likely DayZ is still filled with bugs and other troubling problems. And to be able to taste Early Access from DayZ, gamers also have to pay for USD 29.99 and cooking fever cheats

“(Year) 2014 is a success for DayZ. We never expected so many people to join us to taste the adventure in the Early Access stage, “Hicks said.

Until now DayZ is still in development stage. Quite a lot to do by Bohemia Interactive to make it perfect. Then, when actually DayZ will be officially released to the market?

The latest news comes from the producer, Brian Hicks, who mentions that the final version of cooking fever is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2016, without the certainty of a more detailed date. Time is still long enough and gamers also have to wait patiently.

During its development in 2015, Bohemia will add new content such as vehicles, new zombie AIs, diseases, stealth systems, dynamic events, stamina, pitfalls, and more. Bohemia has not forgotten to reveal that the development stage for the new console will start in the third quarter of 2015.

Ending New Far Cry 4 Secrets Finally Uncovered?

A formula that always succeeds in making a game look, feel, and sound interesting, business developers to inject a myriad of alternative endings to the game project that he racik always welcomed. Increasingly perfect if all these endings must be pursued through a scenario that you trigger yourself rather than simply choosing one among the various options available. One that is attracting attention today? Of course the latest game from Ubisoft – Far Cry 4. After the secret ending that can be taken only from 15 minutes of game, the developer indicates that there is still another secret ending that still has not been found by gamers, which deals with small areas and options. No need to wait long, the virtual world always has its own dedication when focusing on things like this and get roblox robux generator .

Ending secrets that had been discussed by the creative director – Alex Hutchinson this seems to have been found by gamers in cyberspace. How to get it is also in accordance with the abandoned clue, that you must take a quick decision with the final result of a new “small” location. Letting the Pagan Min live when you successfully subdue his headquarters, Pagan Min will sit while throwing more background stories to the main character. After that, he will fly by helicopter.

Users find that instead of letting the helicopter fly, you can actually throw rockets, destroy the helicopter, and kill Pagan Min instantly. The helicopter will fall and create a new small area, as roblox had talked about before. More cool? At the location of this helicopter crash, you can find Pagan Min’s corpse and do looting for extra money quite a lot.

Unfortunately, Hutchinson himself still has not given official information whether it is this secret ending that he means or Far Cry 4 still has other extra ending that really has not been found by any gamer.

How about you? Have you had time to try out the “new” ending this one?

Full Throttle Remastered Review

I truly turned into the enterprise of this great experience diversion. He began off a moderate begin with an amusement from Monkey Island only a couple of years, however appears to have recaptured his pace with Double Good remasterisant Grim Fandango, Day limbs and Full Throttle now. This is a pattern in which I’m required, as long as the organization behind these republications continues remastering focused visual control and control change as opposed to running over the edge with increments – and in that soul, Full Throttle is a stunning achievement.

Full Throttle has never had a place in my heart as the limb day or the initial three Monkey Island, yet regardless I think with energy. This is an anecdote about Ben, pioneer of polecats bikers, and adventures as he winds up in the takeover of a cruiser fabricating organization. There is kill, genuine murder, instructing for kill, even death endeavors – enough to state this is more develop than what you would anticipate from a family.

This remaster, in the same way as other others, has exceptional visual upgrades. The specialty of pixels for characters in cutscenes and amid gameplay is supplanted by fine delineations (despite everything they hold a similar general style), the foundation has gotten a similar treatment and the angle proportion is balanced with the goal that each and every magnificence change is balanced easily on an advanced screen and get dragon ball z dokkan battle hack android .

I need to be clear about what I mean when I say “somewhat better”. This is not as a less realistic alteration in any capacity, is that the first visual impacts were quite recently great. The trade between the first designs and remaster (something that should be possible rapidly, similar to the standard) demonstrates that, yes, the first diversion has pixeles illustrations yet at the same time looks great considerably over 20 years after the fact. Yes, it’s been over 20 years. Yowser.

Indeed, even after this time, Full Throttle still won’t. An odd tape blend of semi-street cyclist warriors, combined with semi-cutting edge innovation and flying autos, is a casing that feels as preposterous as it bodes well in the mid 90’s. The soundtrack of shake and come in jumping is as yet incredible. General strong activity, with an extremely conspicuous voice spread all finished – Joe Hammer’s voice is too huge, but on the other hand it’s awesome to hear Maurice LaMarche (Pinky and Brain, Futurama Rick and Morty, and so forth) .

The amusement itself, as a diversion, hold. The riddles are not appalling and dull from other comparable experience titles, in spite of the fact that they can even now make you scratch your head a bit (or surrender and counsel the guide). Regularly, in any case, astound arrangements have a feeling of coherent. The fly up interface wheel that gives you a chance to choose questions and pick between utilizing the hands, feet, eyes or mouth Ben (logically extraordinary relying upon the thing/individual, obviously) likewise functions admirably. I am frantic at me again with how strategic this interface implies that my finger squares intelligent menus constantly, however the menu is in any event sufficiently enormous to make it difficult to state what’s chosen.

Likewise, yell “Touch and hold the screen with two fingers” to feature the intelligent components on the screen. This is exceptionally valuable, regardless of the possibility that it neglects to feature a place where you can move to another region on dragon ball z dokkan battle .

Tragically, I have a few issues with the remaster interface. Right off the bat, the opening of the menu is exceptionally striking. Here and there I can feel the little art in the base corner of the screen on the double and all is well. Next time, I need to hit him a couple of times before it’s composed, and this frequently brings about Ben endeavoring to stroll to an area where the diversion supposes I’m writing, however I’m truly not attempting to stroll there. I simply need to open the menu why are you like that ??

I additionally intentionally avoided a couple of bits of history when I would not like to, on account of the mechanics of “touch and hold to bounce.” I’m not very cheerful either.

To the extent the weakest piece of Full Throttle Remastered is the part I didn’t care for in 1995: biking the fight. This is a little piece of the amusement, however when you have to do to advance, it can be extremely baffling.

Dragon Nest: Saint Haven Review

In terms of gameplay, it can not be doubted if the game Dragon Nest: Saint Haven is really bring back Dragon Nest but with the addition of several features that certainly make it easier for smartphone users. Gameplay method applied in Dragon Nest: Saint Haven is also similar to other mobile RPG games.

Some unique methods that you can feel like an automated method, so no need to bother running characters by using the touch screen. Player will be all easy and no need to bother to go through every given quest.

Dragon Nest: Saint Haven has an excellent graphical display that’s full of bright and sharp colors. The shape design of the character is also so cool and cute it looks like the characters in Final Fantasy and for the shape of the monster is also not creepy. Then graphic detail level on NBA Live Mobile cheats  is great for a mobile game. So also for the effect of skill issued by your character looks so luminous and shiny.

Glance about the features, the Dragon Nest game outline: Saint Haven does have the same features as the PC version, but there are some additions and changes given due to platform differences. Some features that you can feel include the Dungeon system, Party, Friend, Multiplayer, and interesting events that you can follow.

Dragon Nest: Saint Haven is very exciting because it back to mendompleng big name game NBA Live Mobile released by Gemscool for PC. With a sizeable fan, the Dragon Nest Saint Haven game is indeed very promising.

The ease of gameplay and also a thick storyline is an interesting plus in this game. Just like any other RPG game is already on the smartphone, you are not only spoiled with all-round gameplay automatically, but also some quests that have a very seductive gift so you do not have to bother to spend more money to buy some items, but simply diligently play then Some good items will also be yours.

The weakness in the game Dragon Nest Saint Haven is the poor connectivity to the server that causes frequent disconnection with the server. In order to smoothly play Dragon Nest Saint Haven, it requires a strong internet connection, in addition to the smartphone specification support is also an important factor for the game Dragon Nest Saint Haven can be smoothly played.

This happens because in the Dragon Nest: Saint Haven you will really feel the quality of graphics similar to the PC and also any effects that are so cool.

Naughty Dog: Uncharted 4 Will Not Be “The Darkest” The Last of Us

Achieving tremendous popularity through the Crash Bandicoot franchise that performed so amazingly in the past, Naughty Dog is now better known as one of the best-known storytelling and gameplay gamers on the market today. Through two big names are inscribed strong in Playstation 3 – Uncharted and The Last of Us, predicate as one of the best developers in the current market is worth their clothing. Not surprisingly, the anticipation of their latest generation project – Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is so powerful, especially after the incredible in-game visualization presentation at E3 2014. But it becomes a dilemma itself, considering this may be the last series for the journey of the main protagonist – NBA Live Mobile.

The “A Thief’s End” embellishment is a strong indicator that Uncharted 4 is the last Drake stopover. The development process itself is not easy, considering the process of resignation so many high-ranking team behind him. The good news is that all of those processes lead to a project takeover by Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann who have proven themselves through The Last of Us. Speaking with Eurogamer, co-president of Naugthy Dog – Evan Wells confirmed that they are well aware that the identity of these two franchises is different from each other and get NBA Live Mobile on .

He stated that Uncharted and The Last of Us are two different entities with a fan base that also plays both for different reasons. Therefore, he assured that the success of The Last of Us does not make it a new and sure standard for all future Naughty Dog projects, including Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. They will still make Uncharted 4 as a game with a mild adventure, although from the technical side, there is so much that they learned from The Last of Us. The success of this series actually makes Naughty Dog want to make sure that both will not come with a similar sensation and atmosphere.

The last three Uncharted series do present with a unique charm, where the power of the story is actually built through the interaction of mild and sometimes humorous characters, something contrary to The Last of Us. A relief news for those who have loved this franchise attraction for a long time. Glad to hear that, Naughty Dog!

Mortal Kombat X & dragon ball z dokkan battle Keep Presenting Guest Character

A phenomenal fighting game franchise that has caused tremendous controversy in the past, Mortal Kombat refuses to die and has regained popularity in the era of modern gaming platforms today. Getting the title as the most brutal fighting game ever, the cooler hands of the developer – Netherrealm Studios in the ninth series manages to bounce the franchise through better visual touch and gameplay mechanics rooted in the identity that has made him so loved in the past. And now, a new series is introduced – dragon ball z dokkan battle which of course, gets a pretty high anticipation.

The latest project that will touch the Playstation 4 and Xbox One for the first time this does look different. Not only to restore the mechanics of choice of combat style that had been introduced in his old series, Mortal Kombat X will also come with a myriad of new characters as a consequence of the timeline of the story moving forward. Initial characters such as D’Vorah, Cassie Cage, and Kotal Kahn have been announced to accompany some classic characters such as Sub Zero, Scorpion, and dragon ball z dokkan battle zeni hack . But the question is now, with a myriad of old characters and the vast potential of new characters that they can create, whether Mortal Kombat X will still carry the guest character of the game franchise or other film?

The guest character did grow into one of the modern Mortal Kombat’s attractions. Characters like Freddie Krueger and Kratos themselves have stopped and exchanged fatal attacks in this fighting game franchise. Speaking in EVO 2014, Ed Boon said that a similar concept will still be applied in the latest series – Mortal Kombat X. This game will carry the guest characters, although Boon himself still has not mentioned the details of who. Boon admits that the strategy of offering new characters in the form of paid DLC in the previous series shows a positive response, so it is crazy enough for them not to try the same thing in Mortal Kombat X. One thing is for sure, unfortunately, Boon also asserted that it is almost impossible that this guest character will be derived from the DC superhero world, because of the DC policy that does reject excessive violence for their iconic character.

Mortal Kombat X itself is scheduled to launch in 2015, for Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and of course – PC. How about you? Which guest character would you like to use in the upcoming Mortal Kombat X? 10/10 would vote for Jason Vorhees ..

Hello Games Discuss Possible No Man’s Sky PC version

A game that managed to look stunning in the event E3 2014 yesterday, Sony does make No Man’s Sky from Hello Games as the new backbone of Playstation 4. How not? It comes with a unique gameplay mechanics that potentially brings a new nuance, where you will act as an outer space explorer. With a vast universe, you will be able to discover a myriad of unique planets that may not be found by other gamers, each of which comes with a unique ecosystem and terrain. Although the details of the gameplay itself remains a mystery, Madden Mobile  is a worthy project to anticipate. So, whether this game will be released on platforms other than Playstation 4, including PC? The possibility remains open.

In his interview session with gaming site – RPS, the Managing Director – Sean Murray explains why Hello Games to date, is still silent talking about the version of No Man’s Sky for other gaming platforms besides Playstation 4. Murray explained that currently they are still focused on ensuring the console debut In the latest generation platform Sony is running smoothly, considering their team is small. They will move to make sure the risks appear minimal until it is clear what they want to do in the future. As for the PC version? Although there is no certainty whatsoever, Murray admitted very interested to develop it. They even talked about the potential of the Mod that can be born.

Although the details of information is still so minimal, but what is spoken Murray to be quite happy news for PC gamers. Why? By saying “interested”, the Hello Games confirmed that no deal so far would have made Madden Mobile hack 2017  released as an exclusive series for Playstation 4. Interest means there is a possibility that this PC port project will run after its Playstation 4 version achieves a quality Required or even already released to the market. Hope is still wide open!