Renew the compact garden with our little garden idea, with design tips, planting tips and smart shopping for a modern garden, a pretty terrace, a small deck and a jeweled balcony.

If you are looking for a small garden idea, you are in the right place. Small gardens, small terraces and small terraces may require little thought of open space, but even the smallest terrain can turn into an elegant outdoor retreat. After all, they say that good things come in small packages.

Small gardens have many advantages – the most important is the very low maintenance. They are also a great space to be creative because even the smallest addition, from colorful cushions to stylish garden lighting, will have a dramatic effect and you can visit .

Whether you want to create an impressive garden with a balcony, whether you want to settle in a garden room or you want to be surrounded by greenery, here you will find many pictures to inspire you. And if you need to make your small garden on a budget, we have many ideas you can try without spending a fortune.

The living or green walls, once the domain of designer installations and pioneering commercial sites, are increasingly making their way into residential parks and, more importantly, into small gardens. This beautiful textured planting takes advantage of the limited space very well. To make this vertical garden, the plant is anchored in a structure attached to the wall. Various herbaceous plants, herbs, small bushes, spices and even fruits and vegetables can be used. Try to include fragrant plants, seasonal flowers and bulbs, but talk to your local garden nursery about plants that will look good and look good on their walls will grow.

Think of your exterior as an interior. White paint is often used to exploit most of the small space because of its lightening and lightening nature, and the garden can also benefit from this trick. With white stone furnishings and white garden furniture, this is a beautiful summer series that has a serious style.

You do not need a yard to create a lush garden – and flower beds are also unnecessary. A low-floor “floor” option like gravel is ideal for small gardens. Add lots of pots, stuffed with everything from small flowering plants to tall and bushy trees. Finish with some garden furniture and you will have the perfect place to enjoy the summer day and you can visit on .

Utilize the fence to add color and greenness. Climbers and trellises are an excellent solution for small gardens as they lift flowers and foliage from the ground. A good fence will distract much from the small plot – however, if you or your visitor focus on a beautiful rose or a bright pink grille, who will see the dimensions of the park?

Even the smallest terrace can be transformed into something extraordinary. If your garden is in a short area, the cultivated terrace can be a good solution, combining elegance with little care. Simple paving like travertine or traditional stone creates an elegant or rugged look, while smart planting will soften and give you privacy. Just add a comfortable seat to create the ideal outer space. This is the painting of garden furniture that makes a special room. Notice, the color of your seat does not have to match – the bright shades like orange and pink here go very well together and the aqua bench will work just fine, as you can see in its accessories.