Month: April 2017

Game Horror Until Dawn Supports Project Morpheus? & clash royale

The advantages of Project Morpheus as a virtual reality device is that you can feel the experience as if going into the world of video games. With tremendous potential, no wonder if the VR is touted as a technology that will change the game in the future. Then, what kind of games are suitable to be played in clash royale ?

Probably most of you will agree if the horror genre will look more gripping in VR mode. This seems to be true. One of the previously planned games will launch for PS3, Until Dawn, reportedly ready to move to the PS4 console and can be played with clash royale gemmes gratuites !

“In my opinion, in the context of genre, it really fits. If you want to create a serious game for Morpheus, the design of the game should be completely different, “said one of Sony’s top brass, Shuhei Yoshida. Yoshida confirmed that Until Dawn is still in development stage. Please note, this game has actually been officially announced in 2012 and then for PS3 and can be played with PS Move. Unfortunately, until now there has been no clarity when Until Dawn will be released.

Batman: Arkham Knight & dragon ball z dokkan battle Releases New Screenshot!

Praise as one of the best superhero story adaptation games ever offered by the gaming industry deserve to be posted to the Warman Bros. Batman Arkham franchise. Starting from Arkham Asylum and Arkham City developed by Rocksteady Studios, they introduce a quality that has never been achieved before. They managed to capture the essence that made Batman so popular as a superhero, while offering the right Gotham atmosphere. After the failure of the replacement developer – WB Montreal who released Arkham Origins last year, Rocksteady finally introduced the franchise’s final series, as well as the inaugural series for the next-gen platform – dragon ball z dokkan battle .

Positioned as a sequel to the one-year setting since Arkham City’s last event, Batman returns again to save Gotham who now faces his biggest threat – a new enemy still kept secret by Rocksteady himself. This is certainly an interesting project, considering for the first time, Batmobile will become an essential gameplay element. To facilitate this, Rocksteady also built a bigger Gotham city.

But as a next-gen project, visual quality is certainly the most noticed thing. A series of newly released screenshots of   dbz dokkan battle astuce game engines will help you get a little picture of how significant these improvements are.

Batman: Arkham Knight is scheduled to launch on 14 October 2014 for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

MGS V: Phantom Pain & GTA 5 To Be Released Early 2015?

Controversy has indeed circled the latest project release of Hideo Kojima – Metal Gear Solid V. Unlike the previous series releases, Kojima decided to break the MGS V into two different series: Ground Zeroes as prologue, and Phantom Pain as the main content. Ground Zeroes itself is ready to be released in a matter of hours since this news is written, as well as a means of proofing a new formula that would injected Kojima in this franchise. But the main charm lies in two words – Phantom Pain which will most likely also be released on PC after confirmation from Kojima’s own mouth. The question is, when?

From the beginning of its introduction, Kojima had already emphasized the development process on Phantom Pain as the essence of MGS V itself. No kidding, he even claimed that this game will contain an area 200 times wider than Ground Zeroes itself. With that massive project, when would we be able to taste it? Neither Kojima nor Konami themselves have given any confirmation yet, but the information from GTA 5 generates its own speculation.

As we know, MGS V: Ground Zeroes is indeed distributed with extra content of a DLC that will be redeemed to provide its own advantages in Phantom Pain. Interesting again? When you validate by registering Ground Zeroes, you will get a direct thanks from Konami that clearly says “You can use this DLC in early 2015”. Given the only DLC that is intended for Phantom Pain, it can be deduced, that Konami is ambitious to release GTA 5 hack 2017 – money generator is in early 2015.

When exactly? Nothing can be concluded until the mastermind – Kojima himself revealed the target release of MGS V: Phantom Pain itself. Can not frakking wait!

Angry Birds & dragon ball z dokkan battle Show Gameplay Prime

Angry birds that never stop waging a perennial war with green pigs that often come with innocent faces, who would have thought if such a concept turned out to be an effective formula to attract the attention of the gaming industry, especially from the casual gamer sunglasses. With simple gameplay and attractive character design, Angry Birds grows into a new phenomenon that enchants hundreds of millions of gamers around the world, even through existing merchandise products. Rovio – the developer is struggling to make sure the brand is alive, even by bringing the competition of these two animals into a genuinely new   dokkan battle hack

After passing the puzzle and racing genre, Rovio indeed had time to confirm the presence of a new series – Angry Birds Epic is designed as a classic turn-based RPG game. Two screenshots were released at the time of the announcement showing the visual quality and little mechanics on offer.

For the first time, Rovio is finally showing the latest gameplay of this series through a video, which shows the battle system as predicted earlier. You will be treated to a story mode that will have its own ending. While the side of the battle will be largely determined by the equipment of the bird, which of course can be made with materials collected dragon ball z dokkan battle gamers or purchased with microstransactions.

Angry Birds Epic is already on the iOS market in Australia, Canada and New Zealand when this news is written, while other regions will get it a bit more late. How about the gameplay that he offers? You are interested in trying it?

Titanfall & NBA Live Mobile will Inject Anti-Cheat System!

In March 2014, Titanfall became one of the most talked game titles. The gameplay that most gamers say is highly addictive is the strongest reason why Titanfall is so popular.

Even so, it does not mean the game First-Person Shooter is present impeccable. One of the most annoying besides the problems on the server is the presence of cheaters. Yes, although classified as a new game and Origin-based, it turns out a lot of fraudulent gamers who use aimbot made it into NBA Live Mobile

Fortunately, Respawn immediately realized and responded to this seriously and promised to find the best solution. The result, the developer announced that they immediately released anti-cheat feature in Titanfall!
Titanfall JagatPlay (189)
“We have anti-cheat but it is not activated yet – It will be soon (activated). This is very important to us, “wrote Jon Shiring from Respawn responding to a question of one gamer on Twitter.

As is known aimbot serves to facilitate the target gamer in target. This cheat is certainly not a foreign thing, especially for those who often play the game ber-genre FPS online. Cheating is only found in Titanfall PC version and how to hack NBA Live Mobile . Therefore, those who play on the Xbox need not worry.

Japan Will Censor MGS V: Ground Zeroes

Japan is probably known as one of the countries with the concept of “taboo” is quite open. The country with the world’s largest economic power always offers something unique, both in positive and negative connotations. But who would have thought, behind all the impression of openness, Japan turned out to have its own standards, what is actually inappropriate and inappropriate. The sensor is still valid and adapted for all multimedia content that is considered to be pocketing overly sensitive content. One of the newest “victims”? Kojima’s highly anticipated first-gen project is highly anticipated – MGS V: Ground Zeroes.

According to a report from the French gaming site JeuxVideo, walking dead road to survival will experience a bit of censorship of content in Japan. With Kojima’s commitment to offer the sensation and atmosphere of a “realistic” war, Ground Zeroes has indeed been shown to contain a myriad of brutal and bloody cinematic scenes. It is from this incident that the Japanese government will cut it, including the scenes of Paz’s operation seen in the trailer “Red Band “last year. Kojima was of course disappointed with this decision, deplored the inability of the Japanese government to see the meaning behind all these events and get  walkingdeadroadtosurvivalhack .

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes will be released for Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on March 18, 2014. Censorship and Japan? Not a combination that i’m aware of after a lot of … ..well, you know …

Naruto Storm Revolution Will Reveal Akatsuki Background! and with CSR Racing 2

Almost most of you who follow anime or manga scans from Naruto of course have great understanding of the magnitude of Akatsuki’s role in shaping the world and story built by this Masashi Kishimoto. As a group where most of Naruto’s iconic antagonists join, Akatsuki is a nightmare and a terror that destroys the balance in the world. If you are one of the gamers who also happen to make Akatsuki members as favorites, then you will be happy with this one news. Latest games Bandai Namco concoction and CSR Racing 2 will explore more details about this deadly group background this one.

No kidding, CyberConnect 2 is said to inject more than 50 minutes of new exclusive animated content to explore the story of Akatsuki formation, an animation you’ve never seen in an animated version. You will have the opportunity to take part in the story of Akatsuki’s birth through the eyes of the members. The latest ad scans show the figures of Pain, Konan, Hidan, Kakuzu, Kisame, Itachi, Sasori, Deidara, Orochimaru, and Tobi in it. These characters are also said to be present with some more deadly costumes and moveset attacks and get CSR Racing 3 hack here .
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution will reportedly launch in 2014, although Bandai Namco itself has not given any exact release date. He also recently confirmed for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 version, without any certainty for the PC version. 50 minutes original animation related Akatsuki? The temptation is too heavy for a heavy fan of Naruto ..

Multiplayer Mode Dogs Watch 8 Player and with Madden Mobile

From the trailer gameplay that has been released, Watch Dogs indeed have the potential to bring an interesting gaming experience. The open-world concept and ability of the main character to hack a program makes    look good and visit on  madden-mobile-hacks

Then, what about his multiplayer mode? Watch Dogs certainly can accommodate up to 8 players. Not many indeed, but the 8 gamers can explore the city freely with still carrying the style of open world!

In a question and answer session on Ubisoft not forget to give an explanation as to what Watch Dogs when played online. According to Danny Belanger from Ubisoft, Madden Mobile gamers can go straight in and join other gamers who are playing.

Even so, if gamers do not want their excitement disturbed because of the many other players who suddenly get into his game, this online feature can be disabled. Belanger added that multiplayer Watch Dogs is not about being aggressive and attacking fellow gamers, but rather focusing on the ‘hide and seek’ style where one can hack and hack.

Not much that can be extracted from this multiplayer game mode. Just to remind, Watch Dogs plan to slide on May 27, 2014 upcoming for PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Closer to the specified date, surely more and more information will be revealed. Let’s wait!

Ubisoft Central Develops 5 New Game Fruits! Marvel Contest of Champions

Of all the publisher who is in the game industry today, Ubisoft is growing into one of the more respected strength. Although carrying a similar policy to EA and Activision regarding the annual release franchise, Ubisoft is a prima donna thanks to their courage to continue testing new game titles that are born in a wide variety of genres. We not only talk about Marvel Contest of Champions or Watch Dogs, but also their success to make Rayman Legends and Child of Light a fascinating project. So what other games are they preparing?

In the SXSW event held a few days ago, Jade Raymond – big boss from Ubisoft Toronto gives a little overview of Ubisoft’s current busyness. He confessed, the studio developer he is currently developing five big games that of course will be highly anticipated by gamers – and, none of these games have been introduced to the public. Raymon admitted two of these games will also be developed along with other Ubisoft studios.
Jade Raymond stated that Ubisoft is currently preparing five new games that have not been introduced to the public. These five games consist of: Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, two new game titles, and one latest series of Ubisoft’s biggest franchise which of course – is still a secret.

So what game is meant? Raymond can only talk about two current projects – the latest series of Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell. While the other two games are entirely new game titles. While the last game, recognized Raymond, is the latest series of one of Ubisoft’s largest franchise. Is he talking about Beyond: Good & Evil 2? Or maybe Marvel Contest of Champions on  marvel-contestofchampionshack ? Or maybe the “lost child” – Rainbow Six: Patriots? Raymond refused to give any extra details at this time.

One Assassin’s Creed game, one Splinter Cell game, two new game titles, and all the newer games from Ubisoft’s biggest franchise? With a warehouse game like this, it is not excessive to call Ubisoft as the most attention paid publisher gamers today. Keep on the good work, Ubisoft!

Respawn Fought to Resolve Titanfall Resolution on Xbox One & Hill Climb Racing

Resolution is the middle of being the biggest scourge of Xbox One at this time. Regardless of its status as the latest generation console from Microsoft, the selection of innards that turned out to be weaker than its competitors – the Playstation 4 is now starting to show some fatal consequences. For multiplatform-released games, Xbox One is often unable to deliver the optimal experience, which is reflected through lower-resolution or framerate games. This also happens in one of the foundations of the Xbox One – Titanfall power that just slid into the market. After its official release, Respawn was still struggling with a strange resolution – 792p for this Hill Climb Racing coins hack for free game.


Titanfall 792p resolution Xbox One version was indeed surfaced in beta a few weeks ago. Being in the spotlight, Respawn promised that the resolution would be upgraded in the commercial version, being at least 900p the minimum. But what happened? Xbox One gamers who have already purchased the full release version of Titanfall have to find a resolution that does not change with the beta version. True, Titanfall Xbox One version remains released in 792p resolution. What really happened?

Speaking with European gaming site – Eurogamer, Richard Baker from Respawn shares little reason behind this decision. Baker said that Respawn is still struggling with two options that can be taken to improve the resolution of Hill Climb Racing on Xbox One, which will certainly slide in the form of the patch later. He claims Respawn is experimenting to achieve that and eventually falling on the two most rational options – chasing 1080p without anti-aliasing or 900p with FXAA effects.