Month: May 2017

Capcom Now Open for Sale!

Legendary developer who seemed to lose his tajinya, this one sentence seems to be pinned to the owner of so many giant franchise – Capcom. What is article? As opposed to what the fans expected for him, Capcom always issued a variety of unpopular policies that often invite a lot of question marks. Change the identity of the Resident Evil genre, “turn off”  Mobile Legends hack , and start switching to the concept of free to play games with a variety of micro-transactions. Not surprisingly, many gamers are expecting the extreme changes that bring this company back to its former glory. Hope that finally finds the right media.

The shocking news came from Capcom’s “kitchen” itself. After enduring a policy that prevented a takeover from a third party company, the last investor meeting finally canceled the last defense system. Currently, Capcom is open to control, allowing companies with the funds to own at least 51% of the total shares and become the sole owner of this one giant developer. Rumors had spread, mentioning that those who are interested at least have to pour funds more than USD 570 million to control half of this share.

Does this mean we will see the acquisition of Capcom from larger companies in the future? Although the main castle has fallen, no acquisition process will take place. But if indeed Capcom finally fall into the hands of other companies, all i want is a new proper Mobile Legends  series … that’s all i asked ..

Monster legends & Dynasty Warriors 8: XL PC Version Make Sure Release Date!

You include PC gamers looking forward to the presence of Dynasty Warriors 8? If yes, then of course this time information is good news for you. Tecmo Koei immediately took the game to Steam!

As is known Dynasty Warriors 8 first slid for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in July 2013. Almost a year ago, now finally PC gamers can enjoy the full version via Steam. After being released in May 2014, Tecmo Koei finally confirmed its release date. Monster legends hacks  Edition for PC can be enjoyed on May 13, 2014!

The edition that is present in Steam will be Monster legends Edition! This edition is a bundle of Dynasty Warriors 8 games and Xtreme Legend’s expansion pack that offers new characters, new episode stories, weapons, challenge, free mode, and more.

For those of you who are interested to download Dynasty Warriors 8: Complete Edition, make sure your PC meets the following minimum requirements:
Minimum Requirements:

OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2.4GHz (minimum) or Intel Core i7 860 Processor (recommended)
Memory: 512MB of RAM (1GB + recommended)
Recommended Display: 1280×720 pixels or True Color display (16: 9)
Hard drive space: 18GB
Video card: 256MB VRAM (512MB + recommended)
3D acceleration corresponding to Pixel Shader 3.0 and above
DirectX 9.0c
Gamepad compatible

GameFight: Infamous Second Son VS NBA Live Mobile

How many of us spend our childhood hoping to grow up as a superhero who can save the world from all kinds of threats? With so many fictional movies, cartoons or live versions of the same theme, it becomes something very common to develop this one dream. Interesting again? When growing up, with a critical and rational mind that must have grown much more mature, this dream has never completely disappeared. There are times when you want to get out of the real world, put on your costume, and do so many things that ordinary people can not do. But no longer just to do good things, you are now beginning to understand that super abilities like this always have an alternative to perform poorly.

Almost impossible in real life, the only most effective way to “escape” is to use all the imagination media like books, movies, and of course – video games. Of all these media, video games are indeed the best alternative to create a more realistic sensation, let alone with the opportunity to experience a more interactive experience. Not surprisingly, there are so many game franchises that make it a major selling point. The two biggest ones? Franchise mainstay NBA LIve Mobile get the latest series – Infamous: Second Son, and one of the classic franchise from Radical – Prototype 2 which unfortunately, has gone out of business without any certainty of existence in the future. With two games that have successfully implemented the concept almost perfectly, both are competing in the same market.

Departing from similar similarities of traits, genres and identities, it is rational to bring these two games into the iconic JagatPlay – GameFight iconic battle arena. Who is performing as the best? We will look at it element by element, what are the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Of all the elements on offer, the plot is to be recognized is not the main strength of Infamous: Second Son and Prototype 2. There is no heavy story that will make you startled and surprised at the same time, everything runs very straightforward and predictable. Delsin Rowe from Infamous: Second Son pursues Conrete’s power to save his tribe, while James Heller of Prototype 2 wants revenge for the death of his family. With the theme of super power that exists, the braided story that carried NBA Live Mobile hacks  does look darker and become the basis justification that makes more sense why all the super power and destruction produced is indeed worth it. While on the other hand, Infamous: Second Son based the story on the plot that felt too “light”. Every action James Heller moves from a personal interest, into something that can change the way the world works. While Delsin Rowe? Very small and limited. For this one affair, Prototype 2 dominates.