Month: September 2017

Kojima Will Introduce the Latest Metal Gear Online

Metal Gear Solid is one of the best stealth-based games in the gaming industry, a fact that can not be denied anymore. Although many gamers are unhappy with Kojima’s approach of continuing to offer a cinematic cutscene in such a large portion to explain his super-complex plot, the franchise has gained such a high popularity. Despite so much effort to offer a robust multiplayer mode, Metal Gear Solid remains a better known franchise through the power of its epic single player mode. Some of the Metal Gear Online projects that were launched over the last few generations ended up failing. But Hideo Kojima himself, apparently has not given up roblox hack.

The “The Game Game Awards” event initiated by Geoff Keighley is confirmed to be the first introduction of the latest Metal Gear Online project. Keighley ensures that Hideo Kojima is the one who will show off this best-selling Metal Gear Online project for the first time, publicly. Unfortunately, however, there is not much information to extract from this statement. It is unclear whether this latest “Metal Gear Online” is a multiplayer MGS V mode: The Phantom Pain that has already been demonstrated before, or is a separate title with a separate gameplay mechanics as well.

The Video Game Awards itself will be held on December 5, 2014 and will reportedly contain a lot of information related to many new projects of giant developers. What kind of roblox concept for this latest generation? Let’s wait.

DayZ Glide Beginning 2016

Probably most of you gamers already can not wait to play DayZ soon. Yes, this game does have the potential to be great with the theme of zombie apocalypse and combined with the elements of open world into the main offer.

Alpha version that was launched some time ago spelled success and successfully penetrate 88 thousand downloads in 12 hours. In fact, in the Alpha version is very likely DayZ is still filled with bugs and other troubling problems. And to be able to taste Early Access from DayZ, gamers also have to pay for USD 29.99 and cooking fever cheats

“(Year) 2014 is a success for DayZ. We never expected so many people to join us to taste the adventure in the Early Access stage, “Hicks said.

Until now DayZ is still in development stage. Quite a lot to do by Bohemia Interactive to make it perfect. Then, when actually DayZ will be officially released to the market?

The latest news comes from the producer, Brian Hicks, who mentions that the final version of cooking fever is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2016, without the certainty of a more detailed date. Time is still long enough and gamers also have to wait patiently.

During its development in 2015, Bohemia will add new content such as vehicles, new zombie AIs, diseases, stealth systems, dynamic events, stamina, pitfalls, and more. Bohemia has not forgotten to reveal that the development stage for the new console will start in the third quarter of 2015.

Ending New Far Cry 4 Secrets Finally Uncovered?

A formula that always succeeds in making a game look, feel, and sound interesting, business developers to inject a myriad of alternative endings to the game project that he racik always welcomed. Increasingly perfect if all these endings must be pursued through a scenario that you trigger yourself rather than simply choosing one among the various options available. One that is attracting attention today? Of course the latest game from Ubisoft – Far Cry 4. After the secret ending that can be taken only from 15 minutes of game, the developer indicates that there is still another secret ending that still has not been found by gamers, which deals with small areas and options. No need to wait long, the virtual world always has its own dedication when focusing on things like this and get roblox robux generator .

Ending secrets that had been discussed by the creative director – Alex Hutchinson this seems to have been found by gamers in cyberspace. How to get it is also in accordance with the abandoned clue, that you must take a quick decision with the final result of a new “small” location. Letting the Pagan Min live when you successfully subdue his headquarters, Pagan Min will sit while throwing more background stories to the main character. After that, he will fly by helicopter.

Users find that instead of letting the helicopter fly, you can actually throw rockets, destroy the helicopter, and kill Pagan Min instantly. The helicopter will fall and create a new small area, as roblox had talked about before. More cool? At the location of this helicopter crash, you can find Pagan Min’s corpse and do looting for extra money quite a lot.

Unfortunately, Hutchinson himself still has not given official information whether it is this secret ending that he means or Far Cry 4 still has other extra ending that really has not been found by any gamer.

How about you? Have you had time to try out the “new” ending this one?