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Seizure Service Dogs: NSDF Canine Heroes

Seizure Service Dogs: NSDF Canine Heroes

 Canine Heroes of National Seizure Disorders Foundation

Seizure Service Dogs

Meet Anja, a trained seizure service dog actively assisting Michael VonErich ,National Seizure Disorders Foundation member and seizure survivor. Anja is a 6 year old German Shepard. She was not initially trained to be a service dog but her trainer thought she could be. Michael and Anja met in July 2010. After 2 weeks Michael put a vest, complete with training patches, on Anja and they started working together. Within about a month they had bonded. Anja started showing signs when she felt things were not right with Michael. Now, she starts barking, batting at Michael’s legs and crying when she detects seizure sensitivity in Michael . “I’ve learned to listen to her. When she acts like this I stop, sit down and wait. She has never been wrong. Sometimes it’s a gran mal and sometimes it’s just me needing to rest.” Michael shared during conversation with National Seizure Disorders Foundation CEO, Tonya Heathco.

In closing Michael said the purpose for honoring Anja today was  hope that the information will educate others and encourage many to give to NSDF Doggy Dollars Campaign so that people,like Michael,living with seizures can know Freedom and Peace of a higher quality of life. Anja is honored today and everyday by National Seizure Disorders Foundation and NSDF Community as a true canine hero.

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Meet Bootsy, a mixed Shepard/Beagle. A rescued dog turned hero for Richard Goodman, National Seizure Disorders Foundation member and seizure survivor. Richard shares a memory with NSDF today:  “One time long ago, I had a seizure in the kitchen and Bootsy saved my life. Bootsy came over to me barked , brought every one of his toy over to me in attempt to comfort me, then he went to my dad tugged on his sleeve,and brought him to the kitchen where I was actively seizing. Bootsy barked and growled knowing something was happening in my body that was beyond normal. Bootsy was so protective he had to be pulled off so my dad could help me. Without Bootsy constantly by my side, my dad would have not known of the seizure and I would not have recovered. “

Richard volunteers his time to help other animals in tribute to his long time friend and hero Bootsy after Bootsy’s passing of old age not long ago. Bootsy is sorely missed daily by Richard and honored today and everyday by National Seizure Disorders Foundation and the NSDF Community as a true canine hero of NSDF.

One of the first canine heroes introduced to National Seizure Disorders Foundation was Cole, seizure service dog to National Seizure Disorders Foundation member Jeff Conn. Read their story HERE.

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What is Doggy Dollars Campaign?A campaign with a dual purpose; raising funds to place trained seizure service dogs with qualified seizure survivors and raising awareness.

NSDF Doggy Dollars Campaign is brought to you today to give you the opportunity to give $1 or more in order to increase the quality of life of a seizure survivor through the service of a seizure service dog. For more about Doggy Dollars and Seizure Service dogs, please visit the links below:

Do you prefer to donate using an alternative method? We accept checks, money orders and direct deposits. For direct deposit information please message: Tonya Heathco  To donate using check or money order through the postal service, make check out to:

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Are you familiar with a seizure service dog and would like to honor the canine hero by sharing a bit about the canine hero? Please submit a paragraph or two telling our readers about this canine hero. Please include your full name, contact information, and your status( seizure survivor,caregiver, professional, unaffected) with a good picture of the hero to Our team will review your information for publication to National Seizure Disorders Foundation website.

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