Capcom Now Open for Sale!

Legendary developer who seemed to lose his tajinya, this one sentence seems to be pinned to the owner of so many giant franchise – Capcom. What is article? As opposed to what the fans expected for him, Capcom always issued a variety of unpopular policies that often invite a lot of question marks. Change the identity of the Resident Evil genre, “turn off”¬† Mobile Legends hack , and start switching to the concept of free to play games with a variety of micro-transactions. Not surprisingly, many gamers are expecting the extreme changes that bring this company back to its former glory. Hope that finally finds the right media.

The shocking news came from Capcom’s “kitchen” itself. After enduring a policy that prevented a takeover from a third party company, the last investor meeting finally canceled the last defense system. Currently, Capcom is open to control, allowing companies with the funds to own at least 51% of the total shares and become the sole owner of this one giant developer. Rumors had spread, mentioning that those who are interested at least have to pour funds more than USD 570 million to control half of this share.

Does this mean we will see the acquisition of Capcom from larger companies in the future? Although the main castle has fallen, no acquisition process will take place. But if indeed Capcom finally fall into the hands of other companies, all i want is a new proper Mobile Legends¬† series … that’s all i asked ..

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