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Multiplayer Mode Dogs Watch 8 Player and with Madden Mobile

From the trailer gameplay that has been released, Watch Dogs indeed have the potential to bring an interesting gaming experience. The open-world concept and ability of the main character to hack a program makes    look good and visit on  madden-mobile-hacks

Then, what about his multiplayer mode? Watch Dogs certainly can accommodate up to 8 players. Not many indeed, but the 8 gamers can explore the city freely with still carrying the style of open world!

In a question and answer session on Ubisoft not forget to give an explanation as to what Watch Dogs when played online. According to Danny Belanger from Ubisoft, Madden Mobile gamers can go straight in and join other gamers who are playing.

Even so, if gamers do not want their excitement disturbed because of the many other players who suddenly get into his game, this online feature can be disabled. Belanger added that multiplayer Watch Dogs is not about being aggressive and attacking fellow gamers, but rather focusing on the ‘hide and seek’ style where one can hack and hack.

Not much that can be extracted from this multiplayer game mode. Just to remind, Watch Dogs plan to slide on May 27, 2014 upcoming for PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Closer to the specified date, surely more and more information will be revealed. Let’s wait!

Ubisoft Central Develops 5 New Game Fruits! Marvel Contest of Champions

Of all the publisher who is in the game industry today, Ubisoft is growing into one of the more respected strength. Although carrying a similar policy to EA and Activision regarding the annual release franchise, Ubisoft is a prima donna thanks to their courage to continue testing new game titles that are born in a wide variety of genres. We not only talk about Marvel Contest of Champions or Watch Dogs, but also their success to make Rayman Legends and Child of Light a fascinating project. So what other games are they preparing?

In the SXSW event held a few days ago, Jade Raymond – big boss from Ubisoft Toronto gives a little overview of Ubisoft’s current busyness. He confessed, the studio developer he is currently developing five big games that of course will be highly anticipated by gamers – and, none of these games have been introduced to the public. Raymon admitted two of these games will also be developed along with other Ubisoft studios.
Jade Raymond stated that Ubisoft is currently preparing five new games that have not been introduced to the public. These five games consist of: Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, two new game titles, and one latest series of Ubisoft’s biggest franchise which of course – is still a secret.

So what game is meant? Raymond can only talk about two current projects – the latest series of Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell. While the other two games are entirely new game titles. While the last game, recognized Raymond, is the latest series of one of Ubisoft’s largest franchise. Is he talking about Beyond: Good & Evil 2? Or maybe Marvel Contest of Champions on  marvel-contestofchampionshack ? Or maybe the “lost child” – Rainbow Six: Patriots? Raymond refused to give any extra details at this time.

One Assassin’s Creed game, one Splinter Cell game, two new game titles, and all the newer games from Ubisoft’s biggest franchise? With a warehouse game like this, it is not excessive to call Ubisoft as the most attention paid publisher gamers today. Keep on the good work, Ubisoft!

Respawn Fought to Resolve Titanfall Resolution on Xbox One & Hill Climb Racing

Resolution is the middle of being the biggest scourge of Xbox One at this time. Regardless of its status as the latest generation console from Microsoft, the selection of innards that turned out to be weaker than its competitors – the Playstation 4 is now starting to show some fatal consequences. For multiplatform-released games, Xbox One is often unable to deliver the optimal experience, which is reflected through lower-resolution or framerate games. This also happens in one of the foundations of the Xbox One – Titanfall power that just slid into the market. After its official release, Respawn was still struggling with a strange resolution – 792p for this Hill Climb Racing coins hack for free game.


Titanfall 792p resolution Xbox One version was indeed surfaced in beta a few weeks ago. Being in the spotlight, Respawn promised that the resolution would be upgraded in the commercial version, being at least 900p the minimum. But what happened? Xbox One gamers who have already purchased the full release version of Titanfall have to find a resolution that does not change with the beta version. True, Titanfall Xbox One version remains released in 792p resolution. What really happened?

Speaking with European gaming site – Eurogamer, Richard Baker from Respawn shares little reason behind this decision. Baker said that Respawn is still struggling with two options that can be taken to improve the resolution of Hill Climb Racing on Xbox One, which will certainly slide in the form of the patch later. He claims Respawn is experimenting to achieve that and eventually falling on the two most rational options – chasing 1080p without anti-aliasing or 900p with FXAA effects.

The Division & NBA Live Mobile Show the Latest Screenshot

It is very rational for the gaming industry, especially gamers as potential customers, to look forward to the latest ambitious project from Ubisoft – The Division. How come? Being one of the prima donna in the event E3 2013 ago, The Division does show the impression next-gen very subtle. Thanks to the latest engine – Snowdrop, the games that integrate MMO gameplay, third person, and RPG look amazing. Not to mention, Ubisoft’s continuous claim makes this game look interesting, where it is positioned as a multiplayer game that will combine cooperative and competitive experience at the same time. Anticipation also strengthened and How to hack NBA Live Mobile coins .

Had rumored to be postponed to 2014 due to the slow and complex development process, Ubisoft consistently provide updated information on current development status. Through two recent screenshots,   NBA Live Mobile  shows two different elements.

In addition to the stunning visual quality, the first screenshot shows a battle scenario on the roof. You can see the small destructive effects that are reflected through the resulting dust. While the second screenshot shows the user-interface of The Division itself. Minimalist and elegant looking, most of these HUDs are offered in transparent colors, and do not block out the look of your characters at all.

Ubisoft itself has not confirmed the release date for this one game. The Division will be released for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. Looks awesome!

MGS V: Phantom Pain & Madden mobile For PC!

This would be very happy news. After quite a long time trapped in the console concept as the only profitable gaming platform, many Japanese developers are beginning to realize the enormous potential benefits a PC can offer as a platform. This “unfamiliar” market is beginning to be ogled and consistently gaining support. As evidence? It became a strategic platform for Sega today and also continues to get the first port game just released for the console. This trend is also more positive, after Square Enix’s Kitase expressed his interest to release a new Final Fantasy for PC. The same mind that was also enveloping the mind of the genius – MAdden mobile hack on

Are you including PC gamers who really want the presence of the latest Metal Gear Solid series on your platform? Believe it or not, that ambition can be fulfilled. In his latest interview, Hideo Kojima confirmed that it is likely Madden Mobile will be released also for PC. Something that Kojima really wanted to meet. However, he also admitted that his current priority is still inclined to complete the console version.

With statements like this, it is very likely that Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain will also be released for PC after the console version slid into the market first. Unfortunately, Kojima itself has not given a certainty release for MGS V: Phantom Pain this, although some speculation belief in the year 2015. So PC gamers, you can cheerfully welcome this news, of course – while adding extra patience.

Roblox & Batman: Arkham Knight – Details and Screenshot Prime!

Gamers are happy, of course. After struggling with the experience of Arkham Origins that it must be admitted enough injured with many bugs, this superhero game franchise finally fell back into the hands of the owner – Rocksteady Studios. Through a super cool trailer, Rocksteady announces the presence of the latest series – Batman: The Arkham Knight for the first time, designed to offer a true next-gen experience. Anticipation of course strengthened, especially with the certainty that you can finally have the opportunity to ride Batmobile in the bigger Gotham city. Not interested yet? This extra detail will make you fall in love and get  robloxhack2017 .

As a Batman project focused on the next-gen market, Rocksteady does affirm that they now have the opportunity to apply more new concepts to Arkham Knight. As the last series of the Arkham Asylum trilogy, Batman will be faced with a new enemy after the death of Joker in Arkham City. This enemy itself is said to have the same ability with Batman, even with a similar physical appearance. Accompanying the new main enemy, Batman will also fight with other classic enemies such as Harley Quinn, Penguin, Two-Face, Roblox, and Scarecrow.

With an identity as a next-gen game, Arkham Knight is built with a heavily modified Unreal Engine. As a result? They managed to mix the full visualization quality of detail with a variety of overhaul of the previous series. Characters not only look physically attractive, but also able to show a qualified facial expression. As for Gotham, Rocksteady claimed they never had the ambition to create the biggest open world game. What they are after is a richer and denser world. Recognized more than 5 times larger than Arkham City, as well as comes with a wider path, Arkham Knight will also contain about 3 or 4 times more enemies in it. Unfortunately, there is no details yet whether the NPC will eventually be here or not. One for sure, you can now fight with more than 50 NPCs in a single screen.

How “next-gen” is actually this Roblox? You can see it yourself from a myriad of screenshots in-game engine that was launched from game magazine – GameInformer this. To build on the existing details, Rocksteady even claims that the number of polygons in one Arkham Knight character equals the number of polygons built for all environments in Arkham City. Wow!

Dark Souls 2 & GTA 5 PC Version To Release April?

Who would have thought that the level of difficulty that did not provide much loophole for failure would be an attraction in today’s modern gaming era? The classic sensation that is often found in the classic games of the 8-bit era turned out to be a formula that is so effective to catapult the name of RPG action games from From Software and Namco Bandai – GTA 5 . Despite his “young” age, Dark Souls managed to gain popularity with an extraordinary fan base, enough to give birth to Dark Souls 2 ready to glide in the near future. Unfortunately, regardless of the release confirmation that has been rolled out for console version, Dark Souls 2 PC version still leaves one big mystery – release and get on  gta5hack2017  .

From Software has long ago confirmed the position of Dark Souls 2 as a multiplatform game, which means ensuring its position on the PC. No kidding, anticipation is also greater, after the information engine that potentially appear much more optimal on this strongest platform. The big question is, when exactly we will enjoy this game?
The ads that appear on the gaming site – Siliconera is what triggered the release rumors GTA 5 PC version on 25 April 2014. Both From Software and Bandai Namco still refuse to provide any confirmation.

An advertisement seen on the gaming site – Siliconera indicates the release date of Dark Souls 2 PC version. In Collector Edition ads with a series of interesting items, Dark Souls 2 PC written will be released on 25 April 2014. This means, about a month since the release of the version of Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 which is ready to slide March 11, 2014 to come.

Unfortunately, both Bandai Namco and From Software did not confirm whether the “GTA 5 hack” Collector Edition advertisement that spreads in cyberspace is true or not. They shut up again. Is this April 2014 release going to culminate into reality? Let’s wait.

Gears of War for Xbox One New Confirmed! How about Pokemon Go

Being one of Microsoft’s flagship weapon when dealing with the Playstation 3 in the past, the existence of Gears of War was catapulted the popularity of the Xbox 360, as well as making it as a platform that is so attractive to own. Epic Games Franchise concoction contains all the things envisioned by gamers fans of the genre action, of the mechanics of gameplay, dramatization, visual quality, up to the epic story super successful battle at the very optimal. The presence of the second series – Gears of War 2 even touted as one of the best action game series of all time and visit Pokemon Go hack android . With a fan base that is strong enough, Microsoft apparently will not let go of this franchise with ease. As predicted, Gears of War will be back for the latest next-gen consoles Microsoft – Xbox One.

Franchise formerly owned by Epic Games have already fallen officially into the hands of Microsoft a few months ago. With tenure there, Microsoft finally appoint a new studio – Black Tusk Studios as the main responsible for this franchise in the future. No need to wait a long time, through the mouth of one of Microsoft’s key executives – Phil Spencer, Black Tusk confirmed is developing a new series of Gears of War version of the next-gen, exclusive to Xbox One.

Spencer itself was hoped that the first Gears of War series of Black Tusk Studios will “revive” this franchise and make it grow much larger. So when Microsoft will introduce this latest series? Apparently not in the near future. Spencer confirmed that he would give time for Black Tusk to experiment with next-gen series this one and you can playing Pokemon Go.

With the latest series of Halo and Gears of War will visit the Xbox One, Can Microsoft shows next-gen image that is subtle and makes it different from previous series? Worth to wait for!

Latest Games Strider Hiryu and Mobile Strike Ready to Roll the Month!

How many of you had heard or even tasted the classic adventures of Strider Hiryu in the past? Games that are so popular in the arcade and NES era is indeed quite phenomenal, not only from the design of the characters or animated motion attack that memorable, but also through the rhythm of the game that requires extra dexterity. Not surprisingly, the anticipation is starting to expand when Capcom confirmed would give birth to the Mobile Strike game to consoles this generation and the next-gen. Could be a secret, games that will carry the name “Strider” eventually get a definite release. You just have to wait a little longer!

Developed by Double Helix Games and distributed by Capcom, Strider finally ready to “come to life” in the gaming industry. No need to wait long, because Capcom has set February 18, 2014 as the release date. Will not be sold in the form of a physical disc, Strider will be fully distributed via digital format: PSN for PS 3 and PS 4, Xbox Live for Xbox 360 and Xbox One and Steam for the PC version. Mobile Strike gold hack will be sold at a price range of USD 15. Double Helix also inject some extras such as Beacon Run mode and Survival, and of course the global secar Leaderboard features to help you compare the performance of your gameplay with other gamers around the world.

So, if you are a fan of the classic series franchise this one, and happens to have one of the platforms above, make sure you do not miss Strider Hiryu’s resurrection!