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What does a seizure feel like?

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Terrific Tonya Heathco

Many new to the life altering diagnosis of seizure disorder or caring for one with seizure disorder often ask me what a seizure feels like. I write this specifically for those that are in need of the information in order to help bring peace in a moment of their lives through education.Seizures are different for each person although the description often stays the same. For example, today I write about one of my episodes labeled a complex partial seizure of CPS. What convinced me to think it was a CPS? There was obvious neurological activity and I lost some amount of time. In the lost time, I am not sure I was aware. I also go not know if there was any physical cues for a seizure. I was alone during this time so all I have to go on is my memory. This episode was in my long term memory because it was so vivid and had strong emotions attached to it.

Read my experience and let me know your thoughts:

For a moment or maybe longer, it feels as if I’m physically going top speed on a downhill roller-coaster. I can feel the wind against my face literally although I am physically away from any wind blowing. The air around me is heavy and warm. I felt the heaviness weighing on my shoulders. I feel the “wind” in my face as time sped up just as one would if one were on a roller-coaster. Suddenly I hear a “slap”( as if I were being slapped) coming from my head and at the same time I feel the weight of a warm wet towel being thrown in my face,conforming to my face for a moment and falling away.Within the time of hearing the loud slap and feeling the weight on my face, all my vision went black. No blurriness, no movement, no pain, just blackness lasting for what felt like seconds.When restored, my vision was clear – no issues.

The entire episode left as abruptly as it came to me and left me with a moment of confusion and thinking “What the Hell was that?” I’ve had the same episode several times during the past 27 years. No fear, I consider the episode some sort of complex partial seizure. The vision issue tells me there may be an issue with my optical nerve and the whole episode tells me there may be another heterotopia cluster (tuber) making itself comfortable in my brain.

Immediately I took the next few hours away from everything and took a nap. No, I wasn’t tired and did not feel I had to lay down. Experience tells me during any type of seizure that if I do not rest, they get worse.  So, I took my own advice and napped the day away.I wrote this later in the day to serve as an example of what/how to journal new neurological experiences and to help you realize you are not alone in your journey.

For your information and my records I have included a record of needed information for my doctors:

Possible triggers – low grade fever,stress from bladder/kidney infection,headache,and the weather.

All meds taken on time – aspirin taken two hours prior for headache and fever

Hydration and nutrition – all on schedule

Sleep – 7+hours   Stress level – low


Please leave a comment below letting me know if you would like to read more descriptions of my seizure episodes or the episodes of others that experience all types of seizures. Remember, National Seizure Disorders Foundation is here to help you adapt to the life altering diagnosis of seizures and seizure disorder. Know that you are not alone.


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