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NSDF Presents “Share Your Story” with Denise Marsh and son Brynonn

As a member of National Seizure Disorders Foundation and NSDF Community, Denise Marsh, shares Brynonn’s story with you today. Brynonn is her son currently living with seizure disorder.

I encourage you to download Brynonn’s story HERE.

Denise brings you behind the curtain of care-giving and reveals the emotion, heartache and joy, of being the mother and caregiver of a seizure survivor. She details the moments of Brynonn’s life powerfully and brings the reader a clear picture of what both she and Bynonn have faced all his life.As a caregiver, you may find similarities to your own story. If so, please feel free to let us know. In sharing her story, Denise is able to help millions globally understand they are not alone. Get the whole story HERE.

Tell Your Seizure Disorders Story,
Eradicate Social Stigma

“Share Your Story” is an ongoing project presented by National Seizure Disorders Foundation helping seizure patients, caregivers, and professionals share their

stories with the world in order to eradicate social stigma. If you are a seizure patient, caregiver, or professional and would like to share your story, please contact Tonya Heathco at for details.

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13 Responses to NSDF Presents “Share Your Story” with Denise Marsh and son Brynonn

  1. I am just now reading your story. I cried at the thought of what you’ve went through. I have and I’m still walking in your shoes. My son is a 5 1/2 yr old twin. April 2012 we finally got a diagnosis of epilepsy after a 1 1/2 year battle of trying to find out what was wrong with my son. But the troubles didn’t stop at a diagnosis. We dealt with a neurologist that didn’t care. We also live in MS and now currently see a neurologist in LA.

  2. At this time, I am in the process of having my “story” published. It will be about my earlier days between 17 & 25, when I spent much time discovering America by hitching my way from coast to coast 4 times, while dealing with ways of making sure I always had medication so that I wouldn’t end up with grand-mals(which happened anyway, many times), teaching myself the ways of survival, not only in the human world, but also with nature.
    Because of my wife being disabled, we are of limited income, so I have been taking a while to get this done properly as I make sure to keep a roof over our heads at the same time.
    Will let you know when it is available for the shelves, but as I keep saying-”One day at a time”.
    Yours Truly,
    (John) Michael Woodrum

    • John,

      Whenever you are ready to share your story, National Seizure Disorders Foundation is here to help you. The process is simple, you let me know when you are ready and then send your story about living with seizures to me via email. The story can be short or long and can even be in video format. Please send a picture or two of yourself to accompany the story. I will then add the picture(s), put it into pdf format,and publish it along with a post in National Seizure Disorders Foundation site. No need to wait til a professional copy is out on the market. The Share Your Story project enables people just like you and me to have a voice in seizure awareness and helping others feel not so alone.

      Upon closing, have you an online support group to help you adapt to living with seizures? Let me know and I will introduce you to a community full of loving people ready to help you with issues you may be experiencing – free of charge and obligation.

      Peace&Prosperity -

      Terrific Tonya Heathco, Founder
      National Seizure Disorders Foundation

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