Dragon Nest: Saint Haven Review

In terms of gameplay, it can not be doubted if the game Dragon Nest: Saint Haven is really bring back Dragon Nest but with the addition of several features that certainly make it easier for smartphone users. Gameplay method applied in Dragon Nest: Saint Haven is also similar to other mobile RPG games.

Some unique methods that you can feel like an automated method, so no need to bother running characters by using the touch screen. Player will be all easy and no need to bother to go through every given quest.

Dragon Nest: Saint Haven has an excellent graphical display that’s full of bright and sharp colors. The shape design of the character is also so cool and cute it looks like the characters in Final Fantasy and for the shape of the monster is also not creepy. Then graphic detail level on NBA Live Mobile cheats  is great for a mobile game. So also for the effect of skill issued by your character looks so luminous and shiny.

Glance about the features, the Dragon Nest game outline: Saint Haven does have the same features as the PC version, but there are some additions and changes given due to platform differences. Some features that you can feel include the Dungeon system, Party, Friend, Multiplayer, and interesting events that you can follow.

Dragon Nest: Saint Haven is very exciting because it back to mendompleng big name game NBA Live Mobile released by Gemscool for PC. With a sizeable fan, the Dragon Nest Saint Haven game is indeed very promising.

The ease of gameplay and also a thick storyline is an interesting plus in this game. Just like any other RPG game is already on the smartphone, you are not only spoiled with all-round gameplay automatically, but also some quests that have a very seductive gift so you do not have to bother to spend more money to buy some items, but simply diligently play then Some good items will also be yours.

The weakness in the game Dragon Nest Saint Haven is the poor connectivity to the server that causes frequent disconnection with the server. In order to smoothly play Dragon Nest Saint Haven, it requires a strong internet connection, in addition to the smartphone specification support is also an important factor for the game Dragon Nest Saint Haven can be smoothly played.

This happens because in the Dragon Nest: Saint Haven you will really feel the quality of graphics similar to the PC and also any effects that are so cool.

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