Ending New Far Cry 4 Secrets Finally Uncovered?

A formula that always succeeds in making a game look, feel, and sound interesting, business developers to inject a myriad of alternative endings to the game project that he racik always welcomed. Increasingly perfect if all these endings must be pursued through a scenario that you trigger yourself rather than simply choosing one among the various options available. One that is attracting attention today? Of course the latest game from Ubisoft – Far Cry 4. After the secret ending that can be taken only from 15 minutes of game, the developer indicates that there is still another secret ending that still has not been found by gamers, which deals with small areas and options. No need to wait long, the virtual world always has its own dedication when focusing on things like this and get roblox robux generator .

Ending secrets that had been discussed by the creative director – Alex Hutchinson this seems to have been found by gamers in cyberspace. How to get it is also in accordance with the abandoned clue, that you must take a quick decision with the final result of a new “small” location. Letting the Pagan Min live when you successfully subdue his headquarters, Pagan Min will sit while throwing more background stories to the main character. After that, he will fly by helicopter.

Users find that instead of letting the helicopter fly, you can actually throw rockets, destroy the helicopter, and kill Pagan Min instantly. The helicopter will fall and create a new small area, as roblox had talked about before. More cool? At the location of this helicopter crash, you can find Pagan Min’s corpse and do looting for extra money quite a lot.

Unfortunately, Hutchinson himself still has not given official information whether it is this secret ending that he means or Far Cry 4 still has other extra ending that really has not been found by any gamer.

How about you? Have you had time to try out the “new” ending this one?

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