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November: National Epilepsy Awareness Month

Be Aware and Be the Cure


Many wonder, “When is National Epilepsy Awareness month?” To clear the confusion,please read on….

November is National Epilepsy Awareness month. As the influence grows around the country and in the hearts and minds of  every man, woman, and child across this nation we will soon see National Epilepsy Awareness month conveniently marked on our calendars.


Why is it important to become aware of epilepsy/ seizure disorders, and seizures?  Because reports show 1 person  every 4 minutes is diagnosed with epilepsy. Would you know what to do  if you were given the diagnosis for yourself, your child, or a friend/loved one? Where would you turn for the right answers?  Would you be treated with kindness, respect, and honor  you deserve? These are all valid questions.    The National Seizure Disorders Foundation pledges to do our utmost to meet each individuals need in order that they be able to adjust with ease and live in peace with their new diagnosis. After all, it is a diagnosis and not a death sentence.

What is done during National Epilepsy Awareness Month? Across the country many people individually or as a group get creative and share their respect for epilepsy awareness by wearing purple or lavender. Some wear the color in their hair, others wear ribbons, and still others get very creative by wearing  colored statements on T-Shirts proclaiming their passion for victory over seizures/epilepsy.  There is no standard. The point is to make  some noise in any creative way that will attract attention of the general public in order to create awareness and educate those in need while accepting those that are a part of the epilepsy community.


Why purple/lavender ? Either color represents epilepsy awareness since ancient times. It’s been recorded Vincent Van-Gough used the color Lavender to ease his seizures. He would paint in lavender during the onset of a seizure and supposedly ease the severity of the seizure. Also, many have reported the scent of lavender being very useful in seizure management.

What is National Seizure Disorders Foundation doing to recognize National Epilepsy Awareness Month?  

  • NSDF has arranged proclamations with local government for our area to recognize seizures, seizure disorders, and proper seizure first aid.
  • NSDF is working with volunteers local and nationwide to raise funds and awareness for Epilepsy/seizure disorders.
  • NSDF is putting into action NSDF Presents… Our first weekly internet radio show!
  • NSDF Officials are honored to be guest speakers at local community clubs to raise awareness of seizures and seizure disorders
  • NSDF is bringing our readers quality education, inspiration, and support.  NSDF is putting NSDF Doggy Dollars Campaign in full gear. This will allow National Seizure Disorders Foundation to place seizure alert canines with seizure patients in record time. Our goal through this campaign is to place two pups a year with qualified seizure survivors.

Will you be a part of  this campaign?

  Our mission is to become the largest most  people-friendly seizure disorders foundation on this planet.  With the help of all of our readers, we will meet our mission.  You have a choice this November, you can choose to become a part of our movement or you can choose to thread the murky waters of desperation and continue looking for the support you deserve.

Special Recognition:

Thank you to the Mayors  of  Burns TN( Jeff Bishop), Dickson TN( Don Weiss), White Bluff( Linda Hayes), and Dickson County TN ( Bob Rial) for their care and concern to proclaim  November as Epilepsy Awareness Month for city of  Dickson, towns of Burns and White Bluff, and the county of Dickson.  Next year I look forward to having these pillars of our community reach out to encourage other government officials in TN  to proclaim November as Epilepsy Awareness Month in their respective locations.

Special mention to the following businesses and professionals nationwide that continue to support NSDF and our mission:

Which will it be for YOU this November?

What ideas have you to promote National Epilepsy Awareness Month? Please leave a comment below telling us what you will be doing to promote awareness  during November.  Maybe the most convenient idea for you would be to give to our worthy cause by using the donate button and continue your awareness by visiting often to learn more about seizures and seizure disorders.  Whatever you choose, we welcome comments and questions. Your voice is heard and respected here.

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