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Welcome to NSDF Freedom Fundraiser. In preparation of this successful fundraiser, NSDF has worked tirelessly with several vendors to bring you quality and unique seizure/Epilepsy awareness items offered during


Scroll through each item below and discover the love and attention placed into each creation for you all with the intent of raising awareness for Epilepsy/seizure disorders.  At this time, we have  7 items from which to choose. Remember to continue to scroll down in order that you enjoy considering each item for  purchase.

So, what’s in it for YOU?  Through this fundraiser National Seizure Disorders Foundation gives you to opportunity to easily show your support and appreciation by clicking on a link located at the item you wish to purchase.  Be sure to remember friends and family before your purchase. Perhaps they will be honored to spread awareness by using a seizure awareness item purchased by you.

Who benefits from this fundraiser? Seizure survivors of allJesy&Ana ages, caregivers, seizure service canines, and YOU! NSDF Freedom Fundraiser has the potential to raise the funds to benefit  3 million Americans currently living with seizures as well as 65 million worldwide living with seizures. Kelly and Adriana PetrucciTo adequately answer this question, the answer would be past, present, and future members of National Seizure Disorders Foundation both online and offline as well as YOU! Yes, as you purchase one or more of the items listed, you benefit from the use of the item, the honor you gather from friends and colleagues knowing you are supporting seizure awareness year round, and from knowing your dollars make a difference in the life of someone diagnosed with an incurable life altering disease/disorder.

Items offered to you today:

You have the opportunity to purchase one or more of each item today online using PayPal. For purchasing options, please call our office at 615-326-0449. One of our staff will help you complete your order.

Key Chains

Item #001-TN : Seizure Awareness Key Chain made in TN by Kristy’s Paracord Stuff  intends to raise awareness for seizure disorders and funds for those living with seizures.  Handmade of sturdy paracord in seizure awareness color of lavender and lav/black. Measuring 3″ in height. These key chains are functional and beautiful.

Proudly show your support for seizure survivors and National Seizure Disorders Foundation by ordering one or more seizure awareness key chains online today:


PP-002-TX-image    Item# 002-TX: Seizure Awareness Lapel Pin – Positive Pin made in Texas is intended to help create and keep positive thoughts in our minds daily.  Here’s what the creator Jonathan de la Garza shares with us about inspiration behind this product: “The Positive Pin idea came to me one day when I needed a boost of positivity. I wanted something that I could look at that would remind me of how fortunate I am.”

These handy pins are made of high quality metals and strong magnets. In the color of seizure awareness, lavender, these pins will raise awareness without placing holes in your most expensive clothes.


Item#003-TX: NSDF Seizure Awareness Hair Bow – Listen to your girl squeal, “A bow for MEeee!”as you give her a unique NSDF seizure awareness hair bow. Hair bow created out of passion for seizure awareness and passion for fashion.
A mother of a child living with seizures and wife of an honorable and active military man. Had the idea to create fashionable and unique items to honor her daughter and husband. Out of this love was born Gaudy Girl Exchange where you will find so many more beautiful inspirations! Watch for more from Gaudy Girl Exchange sold through National Seizure Disorders Foundation throughout the year. 



 Item#004-TX: NSDF Seizure Awareness Bottle Cap Pins:

You have the opportunity to purchase another unique item from Gaudy Girl Exchange! Pins made of durable and recycled bottle caps with NSDF logo securely tucked inside. Notice the clever placement of seizure awareness ribbon of lavender in the background forever reminding the viewer and wearer to remember people living with seizure disorder.  I appreciate these pins as unique seizure disorder awareness items because they are conversations starters and that’s where awareness begins – in conversation.  Order one or more sets of ni

ne today and share these trinkets of awareness with friends and family!  

Item #005- NSDF Seizure Awareness Scarf: Hand knitted Scarves NK-01

Enjoy creating awareness this November while you stay warm in these hand knitted scarves created by one of our youngest members of National Seizure Disorders Foundation. Known as the Naughty Knitter, the creator of these scarves uses her talent to help control her seizures.  These make great gifts for the upcoming holidays! 


KN Item 006Item#006 – NSDF Seizure Awareness Survival Bracelet:

There is strength in numbers! Show the public you are survivor strong by proudly wearing one or more of these handmade seizure awareness survival bracelet brought to NSDF and you by our hard working contributing vendor, Naughty Knitter.  Every dollar earned through the sales of these functional and beautiful bracelets will ensure seizure survivors enjoy a higher quality of daily life. Place an order of one or more through this PayPal button today

ITEM#007 – Eric Evans Crosses : Eric Evans CreationsEric Evans Awareness Creations

Enjoy giving and wearing beautiful handmade creations benefiting many. Choose from one of the pictured creations specific to seizure awareness(order through the provided PayPal button) or choose your own on Eric Evans FaceBook page. These creations come in two styles, one is a handmade cross necklace, the other is a handmade cross necklace with awareness ribbon charm.


ITEM #008 – Epilepsy Awareness Ribbons :  Look at these cute Epilepsy Awareness ribbons with their unique designs and EA Ribbons_JessicaVesselcolors!  Featured on NSDF Salebration at FaceBook, these cuties are made by one of our very creative members, these Epilepsy Awareness ribbons are quite a deal!  Order by the pack, please. Order plenty to share with neighbors and friends. Order anytime using the provided PayPal button.

Order by the Pack

Thank you from the staff of National Seizure Disorders Foundation for the purchases you made today. Each dollar earned today will be used to create a higher quality of daily life for a seizure survivor, further the mission of NSDF, and create a productive purpose for many across the country.

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