Gears of War for Xbox One New Confirmed! How about Pokemon Go

Being one of Microsoft’s flagship weapon when dealing with the Playstation 3 in the past, the existence of Gears of War was catapulted the popularity of the Xbox 360, as well as making it as a platform that is so attractive to own. Epic Games Franchise concoction contains all the things envisioned by gamers fans of the genre action, of the mechanics of gameplay, dramatization, visual quality, up to the epic story super successful battle at the very optimal. The presence of the second series – Gears of War 2 even touted as one of the best action game series of all time and visit Pokemon Go hack android . With a fan base that is strong enough, Microsoft apparently will not let go of this franchise with ease. As predicted, Gears of War will be back for the latest next-gen consoles Microsoft – Xbox One.

Franchise formerly owned by Epic Games have already fallen officially into the hands of Microsoft a few months ago. With tenure there, Microsoft finally appoint a new studio – Black Tusk Studios as the main responsible for this franchise in the future. No need to wait a long time, through the mouth of one of Microsoft’s key executives – Phil Spencer, Black Tusk confirmed is developing a new series of Gears of War version of the next-gen, exclusive to Xbox One.

Spencer itself was hoped that the first Gears of War series of Black Tusk Studios will “revive” this franchise and make it grow much larger. So when Microsoft will introduce this latest series? Apparently not in the near future. Spencer confirmed that he would give time for Black Tusk to experiment with next-gen series this one and you can playing Pokemon Go.

With the latest series of Halo and Gears of War will visit the Xbox One, Can Microsoft shows next-gen image that is subtle and makes it different from previous series? Worth to wait for!

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