Hello Games Discuss Possible No Man’s Sky PC version

A game that managed to look stunning in the event E3 2014 yesterday, Sony does make No Man’s Sky from Hello Games as the new backbone of Playstation 4. How not? It comes with a unique gameplay mechanics that potentially brings a new nuance, where you will act as an outer space explorer. With a vast universe, you will be able to discover a myriad of unique planets that may not be found by other gamers, each of which comes with a unique ecosystem and terrain. Although the details of the gameplay itself remains a mystery, Madden Mobile¬† is a worthy project to anticipate. So, whether this game will be released on platforms other than Playstation 4, including PC? The possibility remains open.

In his interview session with gaming site – RPS, the Managing Director – Sean Murray explains why Hello Games to date, is still silent talking about the version of No Man’s Sky for other gaming platforms besides Playstation 4. Murray explained that currently they are still focused on ensuring the console debut In the latest generation platform Sony is running smoothly, considering their team is small. They will move to make sure the risks appear minimal until it is clear what they want to do in the future. As for the PC version? Although there is no certainty whatsoever, Murray admitted very interested to develop it. They even talked about the potential of the Mod that can be born.

Although the details of information is still so minimal, but what is spoken Murray to be quite happy news for PC gamers. Why? By saying “interested”, the Hello Games confirmed that no deal so far would have made Madden Mobile hack 2017¬† released as an exclusive series for Playstation 4. Interest means there is a possibility that this PC port project will run after its Playstation 4 version achieves a quality Required or even already released to the market. Hope is still wide open!

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