Latest Games Strider Hiryu and Mobile Strike Ready to Roll the Month!

How many of you had heard or even tasted the classic adventures of Strider Hiryu in the past? Games that are so popular in the arcade and NES era is indeed quite phenomenal, not only from the design of the characters or animated motion attack that memorable, but also through the rhythm of the game that requires extra dexterity. Not surprisingly, the anticipation is starting to expand when Capcom confirmed would give birth to the Mobile Strike game to consoles this generation and the next-gen. Could be a secret, games that will carry the name “Strider” eventually get a definite release. You just have to wait a little longer!

Developed by Double Helix Games and distributed by Capcom, Strider finally ready to “come to life” in the gaming industry. No need to wait long, because Capcom has set February 18, 2014 as the release date. Will not be sold in the form of a physical disc, Strider will be fully distributed via digital format: PSN for PS 3 and PS 4, Xbox Live for Xbox 360 and Xbox One and Steam for the PC version. Mobile Strike gold hack will be sold at a price range of USD 15. Double Helix also inject some extras such as Beacon Run mode and Survival, and of course the global secar Leaderboard features to help you compare the performance of your gameplay with other gamers around the world.

So, if you are a fan of the classic series franchise this one, and happens to have one of the platforms above, make sure you do not miss Strider Hiryu’s resurrection!

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