MGS V: Phantom Pain & GTA 5 To Be Released Early 2015?

Controversy has indeed circled the latest project release of Hideo Kojima – Metal Gear Solid V. Unlike the previous series releases, Kojima decided to break the MGS V into two different series: Ground Zeroes as prologue, and Phantom Pain as the main content. Ground Zeroes itself is ready to be released in a matter of hours since this news is written, as well as a means of proofing a new formula that would injected Kojima in this franchise. But the main charm lies in two words – Phantom Pain which will most likely also be released on PC after confirmation from Kojima’s own mouth. The question is, when?

From the beginning of its introduction, Kojima had already emphasized the development process on Phantom Pain as the essence of MGS V itself. No kidding, he even claimed that this game will contain an area 200 times wider than Ground Zeroes itself. With that massive project, when would we be able to taste it? Neither Kojima nor Konami themselves have given any confirmation yet, but the information from GTA 5 generates its own speculation.

As we know, MGS V: Ground Zeroes is indeed distributed with extra content of a DLC that will be redeemed to provide its own advantages in Phantom Pain. Interesting again? When you validate by registering Ground Zeroes, you will get a direct thanks from Konami that clearly says “You can use this DLC in early 2015”. Given the only DLC that is intended for Phantom Pain, it can be deduced, that Konami is ambitious to release GTA 5 hack 2017 – money generator is in early 2015.

When exactly? Nothing can be concluded until the mastermind – Kojima himself revealed the target release of MGS V: Phantom Pain itself. Can not frakking wait!

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