MGS V: Phantom Pain & Madden mobile For PC!

This would be very happy news. After quite a long time trapped in the console concept as the only profitable gaming platform, many Japanese developers are beginning to realize the enormous potential benefits a PC can offer as a platform. This “unfamiliar” market is beginning to be ogled and consistently gaining support. As evidence? It became a strategic platform for Sega today and also continues to get the first port game just released for the console. This trend is also more positive, after Square Enix’s Kitase expressed his interest to release a new Final Fantasy for PC. The same mind that was also enveloping the mind of the genius – MAdden mobile hack on

Are you including PC gamers who really want the presence of the latest Metal Gear Solid series on your platform? Believe it or not, that ambition can be fulfilled. In his latest interview, Hideo Kojima confirmed that it is likely Madden Mobile will be released also for PC. Something that Kojima really wanted to meet. However, he also admitted that his current priority is still inclined to complete the console version.

With statements like this, it is very likely that Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain will also be released for PC after the console version slid into the market first. Unfortunately, Kojima itself has not given a certainty release for MGS V: Phantom Pain this, although some speculation belief in the year 2015. So PC gamers, you can cheerfully welcome this news, of course – while adding extra patience.

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