Modder Presents Third-Person Shooter Mode in Dota 2 & Super Mario Run

If there is one genre that may be considered very rare in the PC as a gaming platform, then wrestling may be regarded as the most difficult to obtain. One famous franchise – WWE 2K has always positioned itself as a special product for the console, although it is not clear why he never migrated to PC. But the identity of the PC is increasingly seen as a potential market that lately managed to tease Japanese developers now also began to be effective in the eyes of 2K, it seems. After a rumor of the past few months, the confirmation finally surfaced. The latest series – Super Mario Run diamonds hack  finally ensured to the PC!

This confirmation slid from 2K Sports party itself as a publisher. Initial information mentions that this PC version will include all modes that are also included on Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions, including MyCareer and 2K Showcases modes. Not only that, content that was positioned as Super Mario Run in the console version – additional Sting characters and two versions of Hulk Hogan, as well as a series of other packs will also be offered for free on this PC version. Unfortunately, there is no clarity as to whether he will experience significant visual enhancement or not.

Mod is a plus for PC gamers. Not infrequently, the mod made by the modder actually makes the game more interesting than the original version. Not only have an impact on the visuals, some mods can sometimes be applied to bring different nuances from the side of the gameplay.

An example is a mod called Action Dota BMD Dota. With the mod, Super Mario Run can be changed to third-person shooter mode! The result, Dota 2 became a game that is completely different. BMD Dota has also uploaded a video on YouTube to explain how his work works.

From the video looks tempo game feels very fast. Precision in attack is needed to damage the opponent. The modder did not forget to explain that this is still the initial phase of testing. In the future, he promised to develop it further.

Not only for Dota 2, BMD Dota also developed similar mods for Super Mario Run games such as League of Legends and StarCraft 2. Unfortunately BMD DOta does not currently provide links to share the mods of his work to the gamers. Dota 2 in the third-person shooter mode, what do you think?

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