Mortal Kombat X & dragon ball z dokkan battle Keep Presenting Guest Character

A phenomenal fighting game franchise that has caused tremendous controversy in the past, Mortal Kombat refuses to die and has regained popularity in the era of modern gaming platforms today. Getting the title as the most brutal fighting game ever, the cooler hands of the developer – Netherrealm Studios in the ninth series manages to bounce the franchise through better visual touch and gameplay mechanics rooted in the identity that has made him so loved in the past. And now, a new series is introduced – dragon ball z dokkan battle which of course, gets a pretty high anticipation.

The latest project that will touch the Playstation 4 and Xbox One for the first time this does look different. Not only to restore the mechanics of choice of combat style that had been introduced in his old series, Mortal Kombat X will also come with a myriad of new characters as a consequence of the timeline of the story moving forward. Initial characters such as D’Vorah, Cassie Cage, and Kotal Kahn have been announced to accompany some classic characters such as Sub Zero, Scorpion, and dragon ball z dokkan battle zeni hack . But the question is now, with a myriad of old characters and the vast potential of new characters that they can create, whether Mortal Kombat X will still carry the guest character of the game franchise or other film?

The guest character did grow into one of the modern Mortal Kombat’s attractions. Characters like Freddie Krueger and Kratos themselves have stopped and exchanged fatal attacks in this fighting game franchise. Speaking in EVO 2014, Ed Boon said that a similar concept will still be applied in the latest series – Mortal Kombat X. This game will carry the guest characters, although Boon himself still has not mentioned the details of who. Boon admits that the strategy of offering new characters in the form of paid DLC in the previous series shows a positive response, so it is crazy enough for them not to try the same thing in Mortal Kombat X. One thing is for sure, unfortunately, Boon also asserted that it is almost impossible that this guest character will be derived from the DC superhero world, because of the DC policy that does reject excessive violence for their iconic character.

Mortal Kombat X itself is scheduled to launch in 2015, for Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and of course – PC. How about you? Which guest character would you like to use in the upcoming Mortal Kombat X? 10/10 would vote for Jason Vorhees ..

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