Multiplayer Mode Dogs Watch 8 Player and with Madden Mobile

From the trailer gameplay that has been released, Watch Dogs indeed have the potential to bring an interesting gaming experience. The open-world concept and ability of the main character to hack a program makes    look good and visit on  madden-mobile-hacks

Then, what about his multiplayer mode? Watch Dogs certainly can accommodate up to 8 players. Not many indeed, but the 8 gamers can explore the city freely with still carrying the style of open world!

In a question and answer session on Ubisoft not forget to give an explanation as to what Watch Dogs when played online. According to Danny Belanger from Ubisoft, Madden Mobile gamers can go straight in and join other gamers who are playing.

Even so, if gamers do not want their excitement disturbed because of the many other players who suddenly get into his game, this online feature can be disabled. Belanger added that multiplayer Watch Dogs is not about being aggressive and attacking fellow gamers, but rather focusing on the ‘hide and seek’ style where one can hack and hack.

Not much that can be extracted from this multiplayer game mode. Just to remind, Watch Dogs plan to slide on May 27, 2014 upcoming for PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Closer to the specified date, surely more and more information will be revealed. Let’s wait!

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