Respawn Fought to Resolve Titanfall Resolution on Xbox One & Hill Climb Racing

Resolution is the middle of being the biggest scourge of Xbox One at this time. Regardless of its status as the latest generation console from Microsoft, the selection of innards that turned out to be weaker than its competitors – the Playstation 4 is now starting to show some fatal consequences. For multiplatform-released games, Xbox One is often unable to deliver the optimal experience, which is reflected through lower-resolution or framerate games. This also happens in one of the foundations of the Xbox One – Titanfall power that just slid into the market. After its official release, Respawn was still struggling with a strange resolution – 792p for thisĀ Hill Climb Racing coins hack for free game.


Titanfall 792p resolution Xbox One version was indeed surfaced in beta a few weeks ago. Being in the spotlight, Respawn promised that the resolution would be upgraded in the commercial version, being at least 900p the minimum. But what happened? Xbox One gamers who have already purchased the full release version of Titanfall have to find a resolution that does not change with the beta version. True, Titanfall Xbox One version remains released in 792p resolution. What really happened?

Speaking with European gaming site – Eurogamer, Richard Baker from Respawn shares little reason behind this decision. Baker said that Respawn is still struggling with two options that can be taken to improve the resolution of Hill Climb Racing on Xbox One, which will certainly slide in the form of the patch later. He claims Respawn is experimenting to achieve that and eventually falling on the two most rational options – chasing 1080p without anti-aliasing or 900p with FXAA effects.

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