The Division & NBA Live Mobile Show the Latest Screenshot

It is very rational for the gaming industry, especially gamers as potential customers, to look forward to the latest ambitious project from Ubisoft – The Division. How come? Being one of the prima donna in the event E3 2013 ago, The Division does show the impression next-gen very subtle. Thanks to the latest engine – Snowdrop, the games that integrate MMO gameplay, third person, and RPG look amazing. Not to mention, Ubisoft’s continuous claim makes this game look interesting, where it is positioned as a multiplayer game that will combine cooperative and competitive experience at the same time. Anticipation also strengthened and How to hack NBA Live Mobile coins .

Had rumored to be postponed to 2014 due to the slow and complex development process, Ubisoft consistently provide updated information on current development status. Through two recent screenshots,   NBA Live Mobile  shows two different elements.

In addition to the stunning visual quality, the first screenshot shows a battle scenario on the roof. You can see the small destructive effects that are reflected through the resulting dust. While the second screenshot shows the user-interface of The Division itself. Minimalist and elegant looking, most of these HUDs are offered in transparent colors, and do not block out the look of your characters at all.

Ubisoft itself has not confirmed the release date for this one game. The Division will be released for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. Looks awesome!

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