Titanfall & NBA Live Mobile will Inject Anti-Cheat System!

In March 2014, Titanfall became one of the most talked game titles. The gameplay that most gamers say is highly addictive is the strongest reason why Titanfall is so popular.

Even so, it does not mean the game First-Person Shooter is present impeccable. One of the most annoying besides the problems on the server is the presence of cheaters. Yes, although classified as a new game and Origin-based, it turns out a lot of fraudulent gamers who use aimbot made it into NBA Live Mobile

Fortunately, Respawn immediately realized and responded to this seriously and promised to find the best solution. The result, the developer announced that they immediately released anti-cheat feature in Titanfall!
Titanfall JagatPlay (189)
“We have anti-cheat but it is not activated yet – It will be soon (activated). This is very important to us, “wrote Jon Shiring from Respawn responding to a question of one gamer on Twitter.

As is known aimbot serves to facilitate the target gamer in target. This cheat is certainly not a foreign thing, especially for those who often play the game ber-genre FPS online. Cheating is only found in Titanfall PC version and how to hackĀ NBA Live Mobile . Therefore, those who play on the Xbox need not worry.

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