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Types of Seizures: Introduction

There have been reports of over 40 different types of seizures.  Truth be known, medical professionals continue to discover different types of seizures and seizure disorders on a regular basis.  In this post, I will acquaint you with two major categories used to contain the over 40 different types of seizures.

Partial Seizures

Partial seizures occur in just one part of the brain. About 60 percent of people with epilepsy have partial seizures. These seizures are frequently described by the area of the brain in which they originate. For example, someone might be diagnosed with partial frontal lobe seizures.

Generalized Seizures

Generalized seizures are a result of abnormal neuronal activity in many parts of the brain. These seizures may cause loss of consciousness, falls, or massive muscle spasms.

Not all seizures can be easily defined as either partial or generalized. Some people have seizures that begin as partial seizures but then spread to the entire brain. Other people may have both types of seizures but with no clear pattern.

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