Ubisoft Central Develops 5 New Game Fruits! Marvel Contest of Champions

Of all the publisher who is in the game industry today, Ubisoft is growing into one of the more respected strength. Although carrying a similar policy to EA and Activision regarding the annual release franchise, Ubisoft is a prima donna thanks to their courage to continue testing new game titles that are born in a wide variety of genres. We not only talk about Marvel Contest of Champions or Watch Dogs, but also their success to make Rayman Legends and Child of Light a fascinating project. So what other games are they preparing?

In the SXSW event held a few days ago, Jade Raymond – big boss from Ubisoft Toronto gives a little overview of Ubisoft’s current busyness. He confessed, the studio developer he is currently developing five big games that of course will be highly anticipated by gamers – and, none of these games have been introduced to the public. Raymon admitted two of these games will also be developed along with other Ubisoft studios.
Jade Raymond stated that Ubisoft is currently preparing five new games that have not been introduced to the public. These five games consist of: Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, two new game titles, and one latest series of Ubisoft’s biggest franchise which of course – is still a secret.

So what game is meant? Raymond can only talk about two current projects – the latest series of Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell. While the other two games are entirely new game titles. While the last game, recognized Raymond, is the latest series of one of Ubisoft’s largest franchise. Is he talking about Beyond: Good & Evil 2? Or maybe Marvel Contest of Champions onĀ  marvel-contestofchampionshack ? Or maybe the “lost child” – Rainbow Six: Patriots? Raymond refused to give any extra details at this time.

One Assassin’s Creed game, one Splinter Cell game, two new game titles, and all the newer games from Ubisoft’s biggest franchise? With a warehouse game like this, it is not excessive to call Ubisoft as the most attention paid publisher gamers today. Keep on the good work, Ubisoft!

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