Visual Quality Final Titanfall & GTA 5 Equals Beta Version

Beta period is indeed the most crucial part for games that focus on multiplayer experience, especially if it is one of the titles that so anticipated by most gamers. Beta periods help developers and publishers to gauge server strength and a variety of technical issues that may occur during a game. It helps a more perfect release process, regardless of the fact that sensations are not offered in full. But if you are one of the gamers who wish GTA 5 was holding back in yesterday’s beta version, especially from the visual side? You seem to have to be disappointed.

You who had tasted Titanfall beta yesterday, which was offered in time is very limited for PC and Xbox One, of course, have tasted the visual quality offered. When most games compete to pursue a new engine, Respawn Entertainment does choose the old machine – Source that is modified as the basis. Though reasonably deserved, the beta GTA 5 did not offer the visual quality and detail it deserved to be called “next-gen”. Some details look blurry, especially when you see them from close range. Will the full version be different later?
Some speculation indeed broke, believing that Titanfall beta yesterday is offered only in the visual details of 75% of the full version that will slide. But it was not so. In official chirp via Twitter, Respawn confirmed that the visual quality of Titanfall beta is already in final format. This means, the same visual quality that you will get in the full version that will slide on March 11, 2014. The final version of course comes with the addition of new mechanics, folders, and game modes. Some new rumors mention the presence of zipline and turret in it.

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